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Level 5  Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology

Gain the new Top Professional Qualification at the only dedicated Reflexology Teaching Centre in Lincolnshire

Next course begins  May 12/13 2018



One of our 2015/16 students - Katie - gave birth the week before the course finished!  Unexpectedly!  This is a photo of proud mother, beautiful baby Barney, me and her fellow students, as she joined us for lunch on the last day.  We welcomed him very warmly!

A comment from the Reflexology Taster Day (next Taster Day will be March 2017)

"Wow, what an amazing day from the moment I walked in until it was time to leave, the day was fun, interesting and came away being able to do relaxation on my husband the next day.  Can't wait to start the course in May."   Vanessa

Comment from the Reflexology Course

"I cannot express enough what this course and Glenys has given me - a skill for life as well as a better understanding of myself.  It has been a true joy to be a student at the Anahata School.  Thank you so much for a fabulous course. I've learnt so much more than I thought I would" - Lisa Melbourne

If you are serious about becoming a professional reflexologist, safely able to deal with a wide variety of health conditions, and are looking for excellent training (including hand reflexology), the syllabus we follow could be the course for you.  

Anahata College in Lincoln is the only reflexology teaching centre in the County dedicated to teaching professional clinical reflexology and one of the first in the UK to offer the new Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology.  This is a new course level, designed to cater for those who wish to have a more therapeutic and clinical approach to reflexology, teaching in-depth reflexology skills and understanding.  No previous experience is necessary. 

The Units you study in this Course are also valid in Europe as, unlike the English counterpart, the Credit and Qualifications Framework for Wales is registered with the European Qualifications Framework.

We also have a dedicated YouTube Channel for our students with learning videos to support your face to face learning.

This is part of a reflection on the course by a student who completed and qualified in July 2013:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the criteria throughout the course and the way that the anatomy and physiology aspects have been taught.  Glenys has made each class really engaging and thought provoking, adding an extra layer to her teaching technique.  I particularly enjoyed the group discussions as well as the group practicals as they have added fun and a bit of relaxation to the learning process."

More comments on the "What Students Think" page.

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