What Students Think

This page is an opportunity for students to freely express their thoughts, feelings, on any aspect of the course we offer. 
This is a small selection of feedback we've received.  We hope it will help to give you a "feel"  for what the school and course can offer.

"I am learning so much besides the reflexology. Glenys you are a fantastic teacher and you make the lessons interesting.     There is so much more to this course than meets the eye. It is diverse and every day brings something new and interesting."  Helen C

"Thank you for being such a wise and wonderful teacher on this lovely course.  I have learned so much from you! And thank you for your loving support and believing in me ........"  Marie-Josee G  

 "My journey over the last 12 months has been a remarkable one. I started my course as a means to learning something new and to help me look at a career change. I remember being told by my tutor during our very first class we would not be the same people by the end of the course. She did not specify exactly how we would change but I believed she was talking about a personal growth. I now know that she did mean this but she meant a great deal more also I have been very fortunate to have found Glenys and to have been guided by this wonderful lady. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Kim  G

"Thanks, Glenys, for a great course and all the laughs, now looking forward to my new career!"  Debbie P  

"What have I learnt? – Well the easiest answer to this would be what I have not learnt, as the whole course has been a huge learning curve.  My knowledge and confidence has gradually grown throughout the course by undertaking the 100 practical treatments and anatomy, physiology and pathology course work.  This has provided me with knowledge that is relevant to reflexology practice.  I have learnt about reflexology for specific conditions which included pregnancy and palliative care. There are numerous other techniques that I have learnt which includes hand reflexology, NEPIP, CALM, Lymphatic drainage, EFT, chakras and Endocrine Balance."  
Mel H

"Glenys has always made everything as interesting as possible, and some of the class tutorials and class activities ended up hilarious, the group were all lovely individuals who came to the course for a common purpose to be able to help people in some way.  So thank you Glenys for your patience, perseverance, teaching and understanding, and also for your Great Spirit and sense of humour!  I  appreciate the positive influence you have had on me, it is something I will never forget, together with the lovely girls that have also been on this journey with me.   
To conclude, I would like to thank you Glenys for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experience on reflexology and the whole mind, body, spirit connection which I have found I resonate with fully and found so enjoyable.  I am now looking forward to carrying on spreading the word of reflexology and flying the flag for complementary therapies"  Karen S 

"A brilliant course that I would recommend again and again. How lucky we are to have the option to study reflexology in Lincoln. Glenys is an expert in her field and has created a course that ticks all the ' regulatory boxes' ,and more. The study days are well planned with different methods of teaching applied. There is always help at hand, either during the study days or in-between and amazingly Glenys seems to always answer the phone. How does she do that ?  If you are undecided my advice would be 'go for it, and enjoy' " - Alyson S 

"Dear Gorgeous Glenys, thank you so much for everything, you're amazing!"  Love Lottie G

"Thank you for always being there for me.  I have had such a fantastic time - lots of laughs, love and hugs"  Linda W

"I have felt really empowered by the freedom that Glenys has allowed us throughout this course as well.  She has held such confidence in us from the very beginning, even when we have doubted it ourselves and maybe dragged our heels on occasions, wondering if we knew what on earth we were doing, or whether we were pointing in the right direction when it came to seeing case studies ....."

"Glenys has a wealth of knowledge to impart to her students, not only with regards to reflexology but also life in general. She does this in a caring, loving and fun way. I feel privileged to have been part of the first group of students to study clinical reflexology at Level 5 and have made some lovely friends, gained and immense amount of knowledge and skills and developed spiritually, too."  Sheena S

"This was definitely one of the best things I have done for myself.......... It is easy to feel optimistic around you as you easily encourage students to be what they are and also feeling happy about it as well.  I thought the teaching was excellent even it was hard work but good and the way you teach it you make it sound easy and fun"  

Well, where do I start...... what an incredible first weekend you have given me, and the rest of the group. I find your energy and way of teaching to be amazing, it is done with such a zest and love for what you do, that it doesn't feel like ''teaching''. I was speaking with the girls during the lunch break today and they all agreed that most of us already feel like best friends with each other. There is a wonderful group of people, and I love our discussions and talks when ideas are just bouncing off the walls, it feels great.  Thank you!!!!!”  Nadine  

"Anahata girls- I've just put a link on!!! Thanks ladies  you have taught me so much this last year. Compassion, spirituality, acceptance, freedom just to be me and to look at life from a different perspective. Glenys, you are so right we truly are goddesses!!! Xxxxx"  Lyndsey  

"If learning thoroughly is what you are interested in then, the Anahata School of Reflexology with Glenys is where you want to be. It is enjoyable, exciting and a thrill, as well as serious learning.
Students are allowed to be themselves and express their thoughts and views, regardless of whether it makes sense. Modules are well structured and the course is broad based. A great learning experience. Thanks again lovely Glenys."  Zena K 

"The moment I walked into the classroom at the Anahata School in April – I just knew I had made a great decision!  Glenys and Viv, our tutors, are two fabulous, friendly ladies who teach in a relaxed and fun way and make all the hard work and study much easier with their coaching styles.  I often think I should have done this years ago, but if I had it wouldn’t have been with this great school as it wasn’t set up then – and I really wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to learn – why should I – this school is just the best!" - Angie F-G

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