Confused about which School?

Confused about which School?

If you are serious about becoming a reflexologist, safely able to deal with clients who present with a wide variety of health conditions, and are looking for excellent training (including hand reflexology) the syllabus we follow, and the qualification received -  the Centralia Reflexology Mastership (incorporating Agored Cymru Units at Level 5 ) -  could be the course for you. 

There are many courses and organisations, all apparently offering the same level of qualification and training. However, as many students find out after their training, this is not the case and students who have qualified with other bodies actually register with Anahata so that they can further their training. 

The tutor him/herself can make all the difference to the quality of the learning, and as a school, we tutors - and the school - have to undergo a rigorous process of vetting and assessment on a regular basis. 

At Anahata we pride ourselves on having experienced, friendly, supportive, helpful, knowledgeable and flexible tutors to help you learn. I am a practicing reflexologist with a wealth of experience behind me - and great enthusiasm for this therapy!  I have a trainee tutor, who is also a practicing reflexologist, having qualified at Anahata.  I feel this is a very important advantage for the students as they are also learning from my/our experience as well as textbooks etc.. 

As well as our knowledge, we also infuse our students with enthusiasm and wonder at not just this wonderful therapy but also the magic of the physical body and its workings!

As a student, you are registered with a Reflexology organisation and we have chosen Professional Reflexology - more recently established, it is run by very experienced and qualified reflexologists and has the support of many reflexology schools and therapists.  It offers good support for student members and you can become a full member on qualifiying. It has strict criteria for membership, but as a successful graduate of Anahata, you will automatically qualify.   You will also automatically qualify for membership of the Association of Reflexologists.

Other organisations recognise the qualification you are thinking of studying for, bearing in mind it is a health qualification. The most important organisations to consider are the NHS, UK Universities and the CNHC, the government-backed register of properly qualified and insured practitioners.  Successful completion of our Course will qualify you to register with the CNHC.
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