Auricular Reflexology

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Venue: Ibis Hotel, Runcorn Road, off Whisby Road, Lincoln LN6 3QZ
(near Pride of Lincoln, off Lincoln by-pass) 

Learn how these simple, quick, powerful and effective techniques can help with pain relief and and restoring balance to yourself and your clients.  AR is a standalone therapy where you can offer half hour or one hour sessions or use synergistically in a classic reflexology session. It is great for client homework!
Practical includes:
  • Ear Reflexology systems and points
  • ​Ear Assessment and Analysis
  • Daily auricular massage
  • Energy Ear massage
  • Full treatment for self and client
  • Use of ear seeds
  • Use of Ear Probe
  • Bespoke treatment for your own well-being
  • Synergistic Auricular Reflexology
Course Feedback:
  • 'Lovely day! Another excellent therapy'
  • 'Thank you for another enjoyable course. I couldn't believe how good I felt on the Sunday as I hadn't felt very well on the Friday night'
  • 'I just wanted to say that it was great to see you on Saturday and I really enjoyed the course - there is so much going on with ears!!  Last night Stephen had a 'twitchy' arm in his bicep muscle as we went to bed, so I went straight to his ears and worked on the arm points and the twitching stopped!! Immediate and amazing! He couldn't believe it!'
  • 'The course was comprehensive, both on a practical and theoretical level, but delivered with a balanced approach.'
  • 'During the day I received a treatment as I was experiencing hip pain, which had been present for a few weeks prior to the course. The ear seeds, another part of the treatment  (that you'll experience on this course)  was also used to further enhance the efficacy of the treatment. I have to say my pain greatly reduced, and disappeared completely after a few days.'
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