A Year in the Life ....... One student's experience of training at Anahata College

6/7thApril 2018  End of Classes Review 
 Julie M
This last weekend of class was one I was most apprehensive about , not just because I felt sad it was the last class but also because we learnt all about setting up our own Reflexology business and becoming self-employed which I felt could be a bit daunting. However, Glenys put us all at our ease and delivered the subject in such a way that I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect, but left the class feeling very excited and felt reassured that support would be there for us all in the future.
 It was a very relaxed weekend and a great end to the year with lots of chat, hugs, laughter, tears (we will all miss getting together) and lots of yummy cake! I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to have one last reflexology session performed on me from another student . I love how I am transformed into a great state of relaxation and peace when having my feet worked on. There are a couple of students who have become good friends and we have discussed what a shame it would be if we were never given the opportunity to receive a treatment on ourselves from time to time, so we are going to try and arrange this in the future with each other. 
 I have learnt so much during this last year, not just about the reflexology and how it works with the physical anatomy and the body systems, from basics to advanced, but so much more than I imagined I would on this course and I understand so much more. I've learned how the mind and body connect - “what you think, you become” and have thoroughly loved the Energy workshops, now having a greater understanding of everything we are and that everything around us is ‘energy’.
 I am now so much more aware of how best to look after myself and respect my body and mind more and enjoy passing on my knowledge to others to encourage them to do so too. I feel it is an honour to be working on people's feet and the impact this work can have on their bodies and minds and I am so passionate about giving them the best after care advice. I have at times found my passion for trying to help my case studies a little difficult to put across without seeming to be too pushy but know how enthusiastic I get and so have learnt to not overwhelm them with too much information and advice all at once but to respect the fact that not everyone has the same passion or can absorb information at the same rate. It can be a little frustrating though when advice isn’t followed up.
There have been no aspects of the course I haven't enjoyed.  Using my hands and fingers to perform different techniques was a little bit daunting at first but this is now coming naturally. 
There has been so much support available on this course which I have been very thankful for, not only to have been taught and mentored by the best (Glenys is utterly inspiring and amazing) but also through books, classroom discussions, printouts, videos and the Anahata YouTube channel clips are a great ‘tool’ too. I particularly love reading the ‘What Doctors’ Don’t Tell You’ magazines . Having the opportunity to meet past students/graduates coming into class to offer help has also been very valuable and reassuring. 
 The content of the course has been so varied and delivered by Glenys in such an engaging way, full of enthusiasm, passion and genuine love for the subject and her students and for helping others reach their full potential in mind, body and soul. I feel so privileged to have become part of the Anahata family and to have shared the experience with such a great group of people. I have made friends for life and I know we will be there to support one another throughout our journey.
  Through Reflexology and attending this course I have grown as a person mentally, emotionally and spiritually and feel that my life has been enhanced in so many different ways.  My enthusiasm on the subject just grows and grows and I know I have so much more to learn!  In the future, once qualified, I would perhaps like to specialise in a particular area. I have always had a passion for children, especially those who have challenging behaviour and also for those suffering with the devastating consequences of mental health issues. I know Reflexology can bring them some comfort and help aid the healing process in so many ways. Another area that interests me is Palliative care and giving some relief to these clients would be a privilege.
 It’s amazing to think that just over a year ago a career in reflexology had never crossed my mind and now I am on my way to becoming a qualified reflexologist!! . 
What an incredible experience this last 12 months has been! It’s been truly magical!
       Reflexology is awesome!
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