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early days
Early days

Anahata is a Sanskrit word representing the Heart Centre, or Chakra, which expresses itself as compassion, empathy, acceptance and trust. It is the seat of balance in the body and perfectly symbolises the qualities we bring to our therapy and the philosophies upon which our teaching is based.  Our logo is a representation of the heart chakra shown in the form of a stained glass picture by Chantal.

We are a reflexology teaching centre dedicated to teaching professional reflexology and one of the first in the UK to offer reflexology at Level 5. The Level 3 Diploma which we have previously offered is perfectly valid, however, this Level 5 is a new level, designed to cater for those who wish to have a more therapeutic and clinical approach to reflexology.  The school has an excellent success rate and is known for the quality of its reflexology training.

We acknowledge that choosing the right course for you can be difficult. Be assured that the training you receive is of the highest standard and widely recognised. With this qualification, there will undoubtedly be new career opportunities as we move towards a more integrated healthcare system. You will study areas such as maternity and cancer care with the opportunity to specialise post qualification. 

Our Course is devised to provide you with this opportunity, whatever your sex, background, qualifications, nationality or religion. The minimum age requirement is 19 years. 

The course is fully approved by Agored Cymru as a Framework of Credit based Units on the Qualifications Wales Framework. We have access to the course syllabus and core curriculum which is accredited via our partnership with Centralia, the recognised Centre for Agored.  They quality assure and standardise the Centralia Partnership Centres.  We have chosen this route to qualification as we felt there was a great need for a reflexology centred qualification and, to date, awarding bodies in England don’t feel able to offer this. As a private school, not dependent on Government funding, we are better placed to make this choice. We see this as a very exciting development for our profession.

 This qualification, unlike the Level 3 qualification, is also accepted in Europe through Agored Cymru, and the school is also a member of RiEN - Reflexology in Europe Network.

On successfully completing the course, you will be able to practise as a professional clinical reflexologist, dealing with a variety of conditions safely and effectively and you will have the necessary practice management and skills training to enable you to set up your own business, should you wish.  If you are undecided, take a look at our Students' Voices!

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